Two recent projects show the breadth of the work Civic Waste undertakes in both the public and private sector.

The Rainbow Path in Auckland’s Mount Albert, a bright and beautiful public path that is part of the north-western cycleway, needs to be maintained regularly. It’s also open to the public 24 hours a day, so it has to be cleaned quickly and comprehensively while cyclists and pedestrians are using the path. Our colleagues at Downer New Zealand asked us to step in and clean the path, using our special mobile steam-cleaning unit.

The rainbow paintwork on the pathway has been applied in resin, which requires careful cleaning. We dispatched three Civic Waste employees and our High Pressure Steam Rotor Wash machine, designed and built by us to remove deep-seated stains from hard surfaces, without using dangerous chemicals. A truck-mounted water cart was taken to the site also. While the water cart fed H2O to the steam van, we used a wand attachment to spray hot water under pressure onto the path. The heat and the pressure from the machine meant that no chemicals were needed to remove dirt and gum. By the time we’d cleaned the entire pathway, approximately 5000L of non- potable water had been used.

To manage the logistics of the job, Civic Waste liaised with Bike Auckland and Auckland Transport for timings and had staff on hand to warn oncoming pedestrians and cyclists. Each time a person passed, work was halted, but the job was completed in a day. Our steam-cleaning unit can clean forecourts, commercial sites, streets and other surfaces. Get in touch if you’re interested in hearing more about how it works.

Commercial cleaning for Willaims Corporation

For commercial clients Williams Corporation, we undertook a different sort of external cleaning. Using a deionised-water truck, we washed the exterior of 7 townhouses in Massey, Auckland. Our deionized water truck uses a resin-based water filter that de-mineralises the water before it goes through a soft wash brush and onto surfaces. This means that when cleaning glass, there are zero streaks when they dry.

Our commercial cleaning work for Williams Corporation didn’t stop there. We water-blasted and cleaned the driveways and pavements in front of the townhouses. And our interior cleaners cleaned inside the brand new homes, including all windows and carpets. Using one company – and a team of 5 Civic employees – to take care of both the internal and external work meant simpler logistics for the client and just one supplier to manage. We are looking forward to doing the same work on many other developments for Williams Corporation over the coming months and are available for other exterior and interior cleaning work too. Email us for a quote.