Our Hard Surface team recently completed two commercial projects in Auckland that illustrate the breadth of our planning and implementation.

To manage the cleaning of two car parks owned by Stride Property, we started by measuring the site and photographing the work that needed to be completed. With these measurements, photos and the assistance of satellite technology, we created a satellite plan that showed exactly what Civic Waste would do within the job and what services would be used.

At 25 Teed Street, Newmarket, we rolled out our sweeping machine to pick up surface dirt and debris. Once that first step was completed, along with some manual picking up of litter, our staff implemented steam cleaning with our High Pressure Steam Rotorwash and used a High Pressure Steam Wand to remove ingrained dirt from the car park surfaces on site. Our portable steam cleaning van is very powerful and the steam it creates makes the cleaning more efficient without damaging any surfaces or substrates. It means we are able to remove dirt and stains that standard water blasting units can not, while avoiding any flooding or over-use of precious water resources. This sort of clean gives a great outcome to customers like Stride Property and it also ensures that subsequent maintenance will be more straightforward and less intensive because we’ve got the surfaces in such good shape the first time around.

At 80 Greys Avenue in Auckland’s CBD, our sweeping machine was also used. Then our ‘walk behind’ Scrubbing Machine set to work, removing spills, mould, and dirt from the car park substrate. Water blasting in corners and edges that the scrubber couldn’t reach completed the car park project and was then utilised to complete the cleaning of the tiles at the front entrance of the building.

Civic Waste Commercial Cleaning - Sweeping Machine

“The final result from Civic Waste was fantastic,” said Stephen Hill of Stride, once both jobs were finished. “Not only did the service they provide turn out to be very well done, but the teams were compliant on site, used sustainable and planet-friendly chemicals and were price competitive. Our tenants are very happy with the job and so are we.”

This was the first opportunity that we had had to complete work for Stride Property and it gave us a chance to prove our expertise and the results our specialised machinery can achieve at high-end commercial spaces. We are excited to see where the collaboration goes from here and to see how else we can help the properties look their best. If you’d like a quote on sweeping. scrubbing, steam cleaning or water blasting contact us.