Our Hard Surface team recently completed sports court cleaning for Avondale College, a large high school in West Auckland. The work stretched across five netball and tennis courts, more than 5000m2 of surface in total. After assessing the area, we decided that a high-pressure steam rotor wash would attain the best result for the school. The process lifts dirt more efficiently than other methods, uses significantly less water, and the extreme heat kills almost all organic waste and bacteria, including, in this instance, moss.


How We Clean Sports Courts | Civic Waste The process of cleaning the courts with one of our high-pressure Steam Cleaning Vans involves using a wide rotor wash attachment that dispenses steam at high pressure to remove stains, dirt and moss. We adjusted our pressure setting to ensure that we lifted all dirt from the surface to provide the best quality finish while not damaging or scarring the substrate. Gum and other hard-to-remove substances were also found on the surface and could not be completely removed with the rotor wash, so we went over the concrete and removed these substances with a high-pressure steam wand. The final process to this clean, at Avondale College’s request, was to spray the courts with a moss and weed inhibitor, which will delay any regrowth of moss and keep the courts looking cleaner for longer. Now that the courts have had a deep clean, they can be maintained using a ride-on scrubber. This will be a faster and cheaper way of cleaning and maintaining the courts now that they are back in good condition. Steam cleaning uses less water than pressure washing, which in turn saves our customers money on their water bill, eliminates concerns of wastewater and run off, and allows us to do our part to conserve Auckland’s water supply. Another benefit of using steam is that it’s chemical-free; due to its power of sanitisation from the extreme heat, there is no need for cleaning detergents that may be used in services such as scrubbing. For a deep dive on the advantages of steam cleaning versus pressure washing, take a look at this article. As they say in it, “Each of these tools offers different advantages in different situations” and we use our on-site visits to determine what’s best for each and every job.


Cleaning Sports Courts | Civic Waste If you have large open spaces that need a professional clean, feel free to contact us for a free and fast quotation. When completing a quote, we establish what type of service would be the most appropriate, taking into consideration the surface and its condition, on a quick site visit. These site visits also allow us to mitigate any health and safety risks ahead of quoting for the work and ensure that we have the right assets to be able to complete our work efficiently.