Keeping the heart of New Zealand cities clean and green

Our Services

Pressure Washing

Fast, effective mobile pressure washing and steam cleaning services for hard surfaces, using the latest technology
and equipment.

Street Cleaning

Our mechanical street cleaning, sweeping and scrubbing fleet is purpose-built to get the job done in the most efficient, environmentally responsible and cost-effective way.


We take care of graffiti removal and control requirements, with fast, safe and environmentally friendly solutions.

Litter &

We collect public litter, binned waste and illegal dumpings, so your customers and communities can enjoy rubbish-free environments.

Sanitisation Services

Civic Group offers specialist cleaning and sanitisation services to quickly and effectively kill bacteria and pathogens on large surface areas and spaces. Our sanitisation services include chemical mixers, electrostatic fogging, and pressure and steam washing, and complement our other commercial maintenance capabilities.

Innovation & sustainability

Civic Group is a New Zealand owned and operated business and committed to helping protect our country’s natural environments for future generations. We champion sustainability and innovation and we take pride in learning, imagining and developing new solutions to ensure our services are efficient, environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Civic Group operates 365 days a year to keep our cities clean and enjoyable.

  • More than 2.5 million rubbish bins emptied each year.
  • 19 EV & hybrid vehicles in operation across New Zealand.
  • Over 50,000 km of roads swept clean each year.
  • Free waste pick-ups as part of our Community Support programme.

Our Clients

"We see Civic Group as an integral part of what makes Cornwall Park the special place it is today for so many visitors."

– Michael Ayrton, Park Director, Cornwall Park

“Civic Group is our main graffiti eradication contractor for Central Auckland and the team does a fantastic job for us to keep Auckland a world-class city, free from graffiti.”

– Etienne Shamley, Senior Graffiti Vandalism Prevention Advisor, Auckland Council

“I have found Civic Group to be a highly innovative and responsive organisation that understands a client's needs.”

– Doug Carrasco, General Manager

“We see Civic Group as a valued partner, bringing a real solutions focus to what are challenging work contracts.”

– Nick Bennetts, GM Northern, Citycare

Wellington Office

17-19 Prosser Street, Porirua
Wellington, 6035
T 04 550 6560
F 04 550 6569

Auckland Office

Auckland (Head Office)
46 Princes Street, Onehunga
Auckland, 1062
T 09 377 7873
F 09 377 4981
P.O Box 37388, Parnell
Auckland, 1052

West Auckland
150 Railside Ave, Henderson

South Auckland
4-8 Creek Street, Drury

Hamilton Office
7 Kent St, Frankton
Hamilton, 3024
021 544 327

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