We’ve been offering graffiti removal services for more than 25 years. Over that time, we’ve learnt a lot about the best graffiti removal systems, the quickest and most effective way to get results and how to deal with tagging efficiently.

These days, Civic Waste removes more than 35,000 tags per year; that equates to 95 pieces of graffiti a day, all over the North Island, being removed by our specialist Graffiti Removal teams. That makes us New Zealand’s largest graffiti remover and specialists in working with a wide range of substrates and surfaces, according to the third-party software we use to log each job. We work for schools, private companies, civic organisations such as Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and KiwiRail, and for property managers of residential and commercial buildings. We deploy electric vans for graffiti removal and we use recycled paint, in keeping with our environmentally conscious ethos.

Here’s how our process typically works: we arrive on site and document the graffiti with photos. We log into our graffiti eradication software programme to record and collect data from the job that gives us and our clients all they need to know about the work. We then remove the graffiti by wiping it off with a specific solution, a graffiti paint remover, or with our steam pressure equipment. If necessary, we paint over the tagging with recycled paint. If requested, we use Graffiti Guard on the surface so that any future vandalism can be removed easily.

For some clients we provide a one-off, as needed service via our help desk; for others we are a proactive provider on the lookout for damage to their sites. Civic has been the graffiti eradication service provider for Auckland Council since 2008, when graffiti vandalism was rampant throughout the city. Since we began, we have surpassed all goals set by the Council. The CBD is now 99 percent graffiti-free (as determined by independent Council-commissioned surveys) and 100 percent of Council’s service requests are completed on time and within 24-hours by our staff. Service calls have more than halved from an average of 148 per month to 63, thanks to our proactive work and use of deterrent solutions.

We currently also provide graffiti removal to KiwiRail in Auckland and in the past 12 months our team responded to1600 graffiti incidents within our contracted rail network area. If you need help to eradicate graffiti, get in touch for a quote and a chat about how we can help.