A lot of our work needs to be addressed at lightning speed, especially if it’s impacting on businesses, our cities’ ability to function, or on the environment. And with our team around the Auckland area, we are able to respond quickly. Three recent jobs illustrate just how fleet footed we can be for our clients in an emergency. 

We received an emergency call one Friday morning in November about an oil spill on Oteha Valley Road on Auckland’s North Shore. We were onsite within three hours and got to work.A Civic road sweeper swept up as much of the absorbent cooking oil as possible. A Steam cleaning truck then followed to remove stains on the road. The entire job was completed in an hour and the road was back to normal.

Tagging is an ongoing issue in Auckland’s CBD. When we received a notification of fresh graffiti at around 8.30am one morning, we were able to be on site and have the tagging removed by 10:02am. That’s an hour and a half from notification from our client, to the problem being resolved!

When a waste system failure meant that human waste was spilling into a client’s underground carpark, we acted quickly. Within 90 minutes we were onsite to assess the situation and plan how to solve the problem. We identified our specialist cabin scrubber as the best equipment and got it to the site to clean around parked vehicles and remove the health risk from the area. Code Brown over!