Keeping schools clean — and graffiti-free —is an important part of what we do at Civic Waste. It’s a core part of our commercial cleaning service and involves processes and techniques that are applied to all sorts of internal and external spaces, surfaces and infrastructure.

Our school cleaning teams work in primary schools, secondary schools and universities. We take care of graffiti removal at many sites, where our graffiti removal specialists are sent out in electric vans to document the vandalism and then remove it with graffiti paint remover and steam pressure equipment. At some schools, we repaint the affected surfaces and then apply Graffiti Guard to lessen the chance of future vandalism. We are New Zealand’s largest provider of graffiti removal services, tackling more than 35,000 tags each year.

We supply our custom-designed vandal-proof bin covers to learning institutions, which can be branded with the school logo or students’ artwork. These bin covers have replaceable panels so each section can be swapped out individually rather than having to replace the whole unit if it gets damaged or graffitied. Our covers protect a wheelie bin that is then easily emptied by us on a regular basis.

Other schools in the North Island employ Civic Waste to manage gym and hall scrubbing and hard surface scrubbing of corridors and high traffic areas. Our deionised-water soft wash service is perfect for washing the exterior of school buildings and can be done on a regular basis. Outside, we also take care of general grounds sweeping, car park sweeping and collection of leaves. Using our high-pressure steam cleaning vans, we remove chewing gum from concrete flooring and paths using a wand blade attachment. Should you wish to clean concrete too, we use our rotor wash attachments to bring the substrate back to looking as good as new. Our school cleaning services also include environmentally friendly weed removal. Our herbicide-free Weedingtech process uses heat from steam and a natural potato starch and glucose foam to kill weeds, moss and lichen. This means that school administrators and grounds managers don’t need to worry about students being affected by chemicals on site.

This comprehensive suite of services means that schools can outsource all of their cleaning needs to one company and be sure the work is done on time and on budget in an environmentally friendly way. It makes life easier for staff and management. At The University of Waikato in Hamilton, we are responsible for sweeping outdoor spaces to remove litter and dirt dropped on the grounds. We also clean all of the sumps on campus. As Mark Thompson, our client at the university, says, “I was immediately impressed by the quick response, meeting on site, quoting and then carrying out of tasks by Civic. The work was carried out in a very thorough, professional, and safe manner and I have no reservation in recommending their services.”

Get in touch if you’re interested in having your school maintained by Civic Waste. We’re here to help and happy to put together a no obligation, customised proposal.