Over the past few months, Civic has been undertaking some new and unusual cleaning projects around New Zealand. Here’s a look at a few of them.


Around the America’s Cup, our team was tasked with cleaning the tram tracks at Wynyard Quarter, a public space on Auckland harbour. The Auckland Dockline tram is a heritage mode of transport that travels along a 1.5km track. It doesn’t run all the time, but was activated during the America’s Cup due to the large number of visitors to the harbour.

Our job was to dig out and clear the looped track before the America’s Cup, with a mix of mechanical sweeping and manual labour. We collaborated with Downer as the scale of the job and the fact that it was roadside meant that we needed comprehensive traffic management. Our cleaning team worked through the nights to keep daytime disruption to a minimum in the area. The job was completed on time and on budget, thanks to the hard work of our staff.


We went to the movies recently, cleaning up on a film set for an international production (we can’t tell you the name of the movie as we were sworn to secrecy!). Filming had required cherry pickers and scissor lifts and the machinery needed to be cleaned before the production company returned it to the hire company. We were able to step in and make sure they were sparkling clean, with a steam cleaning process implemented by our electric steam cleaner and our cleaning staff. We used our a cherry picker to get up high enough to clean the equipment and it was returned as good as new. If you have hire equipment that needs cleaning, get in touch and we can help you out.  


We’ve also been up high cleaning maunga (mountains) in Auckland. This work comprised of sweeping the roadways and carparks of four maunga: Ōtāhuhu/ Mt Richmond; Takarunga/ Mt Victoria; Te Pane o Mataoho/ Māngere Mountain; Puketāpapa/ Mt Roskill.

There were several steps in the process for each maunga. The sites were prepared for our road sweepers by our staff, who deployed leaf blowers and undertook shovel work to loosen and move compacted dirt and other material into the path. Then the road sweeper trucks came along and picked up the debris. Each site had had very little sweeping work done in the past and as a result we collected an impressive 2400kg of material in total.