Over the past 10 years, environmental responsibility and sustainability has become a key focus for Civic, and we have implemented a huge range of innovative solutions to reduce water usage, carbon emissions and waterway contamination, and improve staff safety and wellbeing. 

Some of these initiatives include:

  • The introduction of 18 electric and hybrid vehicles to our nationwide fleet, including the country’s first EV street & bin washing truck.
  • Introducing 600L capacity public rubbish bins powered by a solar battery that compacts waste within the bin. Compared with a standard public rubbish bin (which holds 60-100L) this reduces the frequency of collections and emptying of bins, resulting in significantly less fuel emissions.
  • A recycling environmental wash-bay for maintenance vehicles that collects, filters and recycles its own water.
  • Automated bin sensors on public waste bins that remotely capture data on litter bin usage and send an alert when a bin is full. This eliminates unnecessary travel by waste collectors and reduces vehicle emissions.
  • Replacing standard steel or aluminium truck cage bodies with Polymer products, meaning that they don’t rust, they’re easier to clean and lighter in weight and improve fuel economy.
  • Development of specialised commercial cleaning wet-washing equipment that uses significantly less water.
  • Using electric blowers to reduce both carbon and noise emissions.

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