There’s always a new project or three in the pipeline at Civic, and this month we’re pleased to introduce one of our latest newcomers – a steam cleaning van unit.

We’ve designed and built the steam cleaning van in-house to suit our specifications and the needs of our customers, and we’re really pleased with the outcome. So much so, that we’ve recently deployed it in West Auckland.

The vehicle is modern and quiet, it provides a lower work platform for employee safety and wellbeing, and the equipment is housed and contained within it (other trucks have equipment on the rear or set on a trailer) so it looks great, it’s easier for our employees to operate and has better protection from the elements. This steam unit can output water at 120 degrees celsius and 3800psi.

Civic now has a fleet of 24 pressure washing vehicles, including the new van, five Dibo steam trailers, 12 steam tricks and six pressure blaster trucks and we hope to add more vans to other areas that we service in the near future. Read more about our pressure washing capabilities here.