Civic has just introduced and begun rolling out a fantastic, new, smartphone-based job management tool across the business, that is being called My Civic.

Part of our mandate at Civic is to invest in tech in all parts of our business, and to be as agile as we can, and this is an exciting step towards making our business a little smarter with technology.

The app is super easy to use and will create greater efficiencies across our business by enabling all staff to schedule, manage and track work in real-time, from their smartphones. They can receive jobs, complete timesheets, access Health & Safety checklists, upload photos of completed jobs and complete all sorts of other administrative tasks on the go, and all of this info is recorded and managed in real-time, in one place.

My Civic was developed and customised for us by Auckland-based IT company Intergen (we looked around for a long time to find the right people for the job). We didn’t want any instruction booklets or manuals for it; it had to be very simple, very effective, with as few clicks as possible – and we reckon they’ve nailed it!

We have trialled the new system with a number of staff and are now rolling it out across the rest of the company.