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Innovation is what drives our business. It gives us an edge over our competitors and benefits our customers, our people and the environment. Read what we’ve been up to in this space.

School maintenance | Civic Group

School Maintenance and Cleaning


Keeping schools clean — and graffiti-free —is an important part of what we do at Civic Group. It’s a core part of our commercial cleaning service and involves processes and techniques that are applied to all sorts of internal and external spaces, surfaces and infrastructure. Our school cleaning teams work in primary schools, secondary schools […]

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Graffiti management | Civic Group

Keeping New Zealand Graffiti Free


We’ve been offering graffiti removal services for more than 25 years. Over that time, we’ve learnt a lot about the best graffiti removal systems, the quickest and most effective way to get results and how to deal with tagging efficiently. These days, Civic Group removes more than 35,000 tags per year; that equates to 95 […]

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