Thanks to one of our amazing staff members, a council facility we keep clean is a finalist in the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Awards.

It’s a public toilet, but it’s not just any old loo — it’s the Hunua Falls public toilets built by Auckland Regional Council. The facilities are looked after by us, our friends at Citycare Property (Auckland Council’s Facilities Management service provider in the district), and our staffer, Kathleen Clemens. 

Kathleen, who is 26, is amazing at her job. She cleans the four women’s toilets, two men’s toilets, three urinals and a disabled toilet, once a day, every day. We love that Kathleen, who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and learning difficulties, takes such pride in the work she does and goes above and beyond the parameters of her job description. She not only maintains the loos; she also picks up every piece of litter in the surrounding area and car park to ensure her toilets don’t look messy. That means that the thousands and thousands of tourists who visit the falls every year get to see the areas at its very best and it’s why the public toilets are a finalist in the Best Loo category.

The Beautiful Awards celebrate the environmental excellence of communities, businesses, schools and individuals in New Zealand and we are thrilled that the hard work of one of our staff has paid off and is being recognised. Our team members are often working out of sight and outside normal working hours to keep the community’s living and working spaces clean, safe and hygienic and we’re grateful to Kathleen and all other Civic employees.