Scrubbing (Mechanical)

Civic Waste Pressure Washing

What is Mechanical Scrubbing?

Mechanical scrubbing usually works in conjunction with mechanical sweeping. Mechanical scrubbing is done on a wet surface and works best in places that are too spacious for manual scrubbing and sweeping to be done by hand.

Although booking a mechanical scrubbing service is most often for public spaces, such as car parks, footpaths, and markets, mechanical scrubbing also works on commercial areas like warehouses, medical centres, and school halls, gyms and sports courts.

Mechanical scrubbing is suitable for both interior and exterior flat surfaces that would be too labour intensive to clean by hand. Mechanical scrubbing is only for hard, resilient surfaces as the process is extensively robust.

Why Should I Use a Mechanical Scrubbing Service Near Me?

We’ve all been there: trying to scrub away unwanted and seemingly irremovable stains and stuck on dirt with a brush bought from the hardware store. When used in public spaces, mechanical scrubbing is the only effective method of cleaning a wide variety of substrates to an extremely high standard.

Civic mechanical scrubbing is ideal for removing stains and ground in dirt:
● Mould
● Moss and other invasive surface vegetation
● Dirt, soil, caked in grime

Mechanical scrubbing also protects the surface from future build-up of dirt by eradicating those particles that can attract and trap undesirable substances.

How is Civic Mechanical Scrubbing Different From an Ordinary Surface Scrubber?

Our innovative scrubbing machines cover large areas efficiently, while protecting our waterways by collecting the wastewater used in the scrubbing process. Additionally, and depending on the task, Civic Waste can use biodegradable detergents in the appropriate areas. Cleaning while keeping our environment clean is our speciality!

It doesn’t matter if the area is inside or outside a building, if our mechanical scrubbing equipment can be safely and optimally operated there, then this cleaning service is the most suitable one for the purpose.

Is There a Variety of Mechanical Scrubbing Equipment From Which to Choose?


Civic Waste is a dedicated professional cleaning service for both private and public entities. If you have a large, flat surface area that needs cleaning, we have the suitable equipment for the job. Our customers can choose from the following equipment:
● Compact cabin scrubbers
● Ride-on scrubbers
● Walk behind scrubbers

You can rest assured that the perfect mechanical scrubbing and sweeping solution is available to you with this range of equipment. Civic Waste stuff crew are trained to a level of professional integrity and skill. Our staff are competent with all aspects of NZ Occupational Health and Safety.

When is It Best to Book a Mechanical Scrubbing?

Civic operates at a high level, with onsite inspections, proof of service reports, and professional cleaning solutions.

With our impeccable results, and fast, reliable mechanical cleaning service, each Civic mechanical cleaning and scrubbing booking comes with all the necessary industry-specific insurance. If you are not sure whether mechanical floor surface scrubbing is for you, please contact us for more information and a free quote.

Contact us to book your cleaning service. We will always do our best to fit in your request at the date that works best for you.

Our Mechanical Scrubbing Services Include:

  • Internal and external car parks, such as vehicle rental lots and underground parking levels in malls and hospitals.
  • Building entrance lobbies and surrounds, such as marble tile flooring and mezzanines.
  • Factory floors and warehouses, both interior and exterior grounds.
  • Shopping centres and strip malls, multi-level and ground floor establishments, including public gathering areas and food courts.
  • Train/Transport centres, including bus depots, tourist bus transit areas, and travel information centres.
  • All city, town, and municipal centres.
  • Pavement cleaning for sidewalks, bricked in town main roads, and parks, in both urban and suburban environments.
  • Line marking preparation before events or line marking renewal.
  • Schools, community halls, places for gatherings / receptions such as church halls and expos, and gyms.
  • Sports stadiums, both pre- and post-events.

What is in Situ Cleaning?

We have many years of in situ cleaning experience. This is when the cleaning is done in place, on site, using professional cleaning equipment and highly skilled staff. If you have heavy equipment or installations that need to have proximal floors cleaned, you need a cleaning service in situ.

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